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Pre & Post Op Skincare

A good skincare routine can maximise facelift results!

A facelift improves the structure and volume of the face whereas

skin treatments enhance the finish and surface.

Have your skincare routine reviewed every 3 - 6 months



We must protect our skin from UV rays, dirt & pollution so I recommend you have a good broad spectrum sunscreen - Reduction of UV exposure will greatly reduce progress of atrophy, loss of elasticity and fine lines.

Also, remember to wash your face every night TWICE – first time to wash the dirt/makeup of then the second to wash our skin & remove any excess dirt/oil from our pores. An Anti-bacterial solution will be applied for your procedure but its always good to have minimal bacteria on your skin to reduce the chance of infection post surgery.


Ensuring our skin is in the best condition before the procedure, will assist with healing after the procedure. You really want your skin to be in optimal condition inside and out. Hydration is primarily one of the most important parts in the care of your skin – I mean internally & externally! So drink your recommended amount of water each day but also assist your skin with hydration by using a serum high in hyaraulonic acid – as we age we significantly reduce the amount of hyauralonic acid our body produces so we need to help it out!

Retinol A is also instrumental in promoting collagen regeneration, strengthening the skin, reduces pigmentation & PROMOTES HEALING!

Please note: Retinol A should only be applied at night before bed.


Ensure you have advice from your surgeon when it is appropriate to continue your skin care routine. A lot of cosmecutical skincare products contact active ingredients that may need to be avoided during the healing process.

Once you have clearance its important to keep up a good skincare routine to maintain your facelift!

As above you need to start with protecting your skin again & repairing it at a cellular level… you may have healed on the outside but inside your skin & cells are still working away.


To maintain your facelift results I recommend adding a great anti-ageing to your skincare, continue using the Retinol A in the evenings but you definitely want to add stemcell technology & peptides to your daily routine which will continue to improve the look of your skin.


You also want to protect the delicate skin around your eyes with a good eyecream – this is a required extra as it is manufactured a lot thinner so its able to penetrate the skin around your eyes. The skin around your eyes has no hair follicles or sweat glands which makes it near impossible to get in unless its made in a micro form, the skin is very delicate so you only need to dab a small amount of eyecream around your eyesocket.

It is also the same skin as your lips so I highly recommend put some on your lips each day as well!


Depending on the health and condition of your skin you may also want to invest in extra treatments. I recommend getting a consultation done before booking to ensure its suitable for you.

Microneedling stimulates normal collagen production using many fine medical needles that create tiny micro-punctures on the skin's surface layer. In response, the skin cells release a series of growth factors and proteins which promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This treatment improves your skin by inducing the increased productions of collagen, facilitating natural repair and growth, making the skin stronger and thicker.

There are also less invasive procedures like enzyme & chemical peels for more basic skin rejuvination.


Use a good quality mineral makeup that Is going to brighten, hydrate & nourish your skin. Preferably it will have a sun protection factor, be a liquid moisturising foundation base & a very fine mineral powder to set.

Recommended Routine

Pre op

Morning :



Hydrating serum

Mineral Makeup with spf



Hydrating serum

Retinol A serum

Post op (once you have clearance from your Surgeon)

As above, however to maintain your new youthful looks add an anti-aging serum with peptides :)

The perfect asap skincare pack I recommend for pre & post op face-lift patients is our Rejuvenate Pack

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