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Do You need a Makeup Lesson???

Are you confident in your makeup application? Do you know why you are placing certain products in certain places? Are you doing it "right"?

A makeup lesson by a professional trained makeup artist can help you with all the questions you have about makeup application...

A typical lesson will include the following topics however all lessons are structured to suit you and what you'd like to know:

  • Skin care routine and recommendations

  • What brushes to use and why

  • Primer - if and why you need it

  • Concealing and colour correction specific to your problem areas

  • Foundation - application, consistency and colour selection

  • Contour & highlighting - application specific to your face

  • Setting powder - if and why you need it, what to use & colour selection

  • Blush & Bronzer - how & where to apply

  • Eyebrows - if and when to apply powder or pencil

  • Eyeshadow - where, how and colour selection based on the look you want

  • Eyeliner - why, how & where to apply

  • Mascara - what & how to apply

  • Lippy & liner - how & what colours to apply

Plus any other questions you may have, whether it be about different products or techniques, latest fads or how to change your makeup for a special occasion...

If you bring along your own makeup I can show you how to use it and most importantly if it suits you! Otherwise I can recommend products based on budget or I'm able to order pro-products just for you..

Enquire here to book a lesson

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