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What is Strobing???

Every month it seems that new makeup products and application techniques are coming out... Strobing is one of the latest to hit the media and to be honest it just sounds the same as highlighting! Makeup manufacturers, media makeup artists and alike keep introducing new products, ways of putting makeup on and different looks to ensure they keep people interested in buying their stuff, watching their You Tube videos, following on Instagram/Facebook etc.

What is Strobing?

Basically its the same as highlighting but more intense! Its using your illuminising or highlighting products to give your face a shimmering glow using reflective products that will catch the light when placed in certain areas like your nose, cheek bones, forehead - pretty much anywhere you want to brighten & enhance.

Where do I Strobe?

Only apply to areas that you want to pop, enhance or luminse... Eg. areas that you would normally highlight but would like to enhance or brighten more. Do not use to enhance areas that you do not want enhanced! i.e. large forehead or nose. Use it to give your cheek bones a slight brighten and lift along side your contour or to brighten your eyes. Just remember that less is more... you don't want to look like a shiny mess!

Want to know more about strobing or any other makeup application techniques? Book in now for a lesson!

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