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Why hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

Women are more and more entrusting the skills of Professional Makeup Artists for events such as their weddings, events, balls and photoshoots, although there are still some women that prefer to save their money and either do it themselves or get a friend to give it a go... Being a Professional Makeup Artist myself I am biased towards hiring a professional, but heres why:

Your skills or your friends skills may be ok for everyday makeup application, but professional makeup is applied to ensure it will stay intact and beautiful and last all day and night! A Professional Makeup Artist is trained with the best and latest techniques. They have studied colour theory and can enhance your best features whilst hiding the less desired, they know face shape and are experienced in camouflage/cover up to give you a flawless skin finish.

Professional Makeup Artists stock a wide range of products that are suitable for lighting and photography... most over-the-counter makeup contains ingredients that cause flashback when using flash photography, causing your face to look pale/whiter than it is. They carry products that are suitable for your skin type, pigment, age and texture to make sure you can't see those fine lines, large pores and redness etc.

Knowledge & Experience is important when it comes to makeup application - Professional Makeup Artists know what is and isn't going to show up in photos so they are able to recommend colours and tones and can even make your face, nose, forehead look smaller (if required).

Take the stress out of it! Yes, hiring a Professional makeup artist can make the day less stressful - they can help with timelines as they will know approximately how long it will take for you to get ready - especially if its your big day!

Lets get Pampered!!! Every women deserves to be pampered - you're worth it! How nice is it to sit and relax for an hour while someone else takes care of you...

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