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How to pick a Makeup Artist!

How do you pick a Makeup Artist? Whether its for your wedding day, ball, special event or a photoshoot we want to look amazing, so choosing someone to do our makeup can be a big deal!

Word of mouth - probably one of the best ways to find a Makeup Artist - but be sure that the person referring them has had their makeup done by them and you can see photos of their work - what works for someone else may not work for you, in terms of coverage and colours...

Always ask the Makeup Artist questions before booking - Do they seem to know what they're talking about? Are they able to provide unedited, unfiltered pictures of their previous work? Are they able to deal with any skin issues you may have - redness, fine lines, pigmentation? Do they have a website or portfolio?

What products do they use? - Are the products camera/flash friendly?

Choose a Makeup artist you feel comfortable with, someone you can easily talk to and one that listens to you!

Are you getting the Makeup artist you're talking to? There are a lot of Makeup artists that have others that work for them - they may either have assistants or contract other makeup artists if they are busy - Ensure you know who the other makeup artist is and meet/talk with them, see their work and have a trial and follow the same guidelines as above before you book.

Last but not least, have a trial, only once you are satisfied with the above protocols though, otherwise trialing numerous makeup artists could get expensive!

I offer a free 15 minute consult for brides to discuss any concerns and get an idea if i'm the right person for you :) This can also be done via email or phone if its easier for you!

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