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Alice in Wonderland - Collaborated photo shoot!

I was part of an amazing collaborated wedding themed photoshoot last year with a group of amazing talented wedding service providers around Tauranga including:

Danielle - Venue stylist

Tash McCarthy - Model

These ladies and myself put together an awesome photoshoot at the beautiful Hamilton Gardens! With a lot of planning and creative thinking we met at the venue early in the morning and with the help of husbands set up a Alice in Wonderland themed wedding setting along the river bank and other destinations around the gardens. Danielle and Tami used their amazing creative abilities to design and decorate the canvas whilst the lovely hair stylist Lynette and I gave Tasha a flawless beautiful look.

We also had contributions from other local businesses including:

Tres Chic

Hayley did a fantastic job ensuring detailed, incredible photos were taken at every angle to get maximum coverage of the work that was put into the shoot!

As you can see, the photos look stunning!

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