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Ingredients for anti-ageing skincare - What to look for!

Are you sick of spending hundreds of dollars on numerous "anti-ageing" products??? I decided to write this blog to educate you on the ingredients you want to look for that are actually going to assist you with finding the ultimate anti-ageing formula!

Firstly I just want to mention that the best way to "anti-age" is by preventing premature ageing by using a UVA/UVB broadspectrum sunscreen and keeping hydrated every single day as well as using effective professionally prescribed skincare.

Skin aging happens on two levels - what you see physically and what you cant see (biochemically). On the surface we see changes like wrinkles, sagging of skin, pigmentation, reddness, etc. On the inside there's a reduction in collagen & elastin production, dehydration, reduced blood flow & energy production as well as slower cell turnover. All of these can be a result of both environment and genetics.

So, the top ingredients you need to look for are:

Vitamin C - Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

Vitamin C promotes collagen formation, brightens the skin and soothes inflammation. Its a potent anti-oxident that captures and de-activates aggressive free radicals thus inhibiting the visual effects of premature aging.

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is an anti-oxidant that is both water and fat soluble so it can travel anywhere. It soothes inflammation, boosts collagen formation and assists in detoxification.


Fights skin ageing by inhibiting dehydration and providing moisturiser. Teprenone reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, reduces signs of age spots, improves skin barrier function and contains UB protective effect.

Peptides - for serious anti-ageing!

Peptides are designed for collagen stimulation, hyaluronic acid synthesis, anti-inflammation, freezing expression lines, brightening, firmand and the ultimate goal of wrinkle reduction and prevention!

If you would like more information about anti-ageing skincare please do not hesitate to contact me or book online here for a free skin consult with any product purchase.

Product recommendations:

Skincare RX Agefix - for serious anti-ageing!

This multi-functional complex is the ultimate in skin age management! Agefix delivers a potent boost of regerating ingredients for instant as well as long term benefits to the appearance of the skin.

Contains: Apple stem cells, Peptides

Use: Daily in the morning

Suitable for all skin types

Skincare RX Radicalfix

An anti-oxidant infusion of powerful ingredients designed to deliver preventative, restoritive and protective properties to benefit the appearance of skin.

Contains: Vitamin C, R Alpha Ipoic Acid, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid

Use: Every night

Suitable for all skin types

* Please note: all Skincare RX products should be prescribed by a professional with a consultation to ensure suitability.

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