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Training - part one

After a year of selling makeup I started getting more and more customers asking me to do thier makeup for events and weddings, at first I was very hesitant as I had only had minimal training in basic makeup application so with that and my desire to learn more, I decided it was time to get some formal training under my belt - for the sake of my clients!

Why did I want extra training?

I have a very inquisitive nature. I like to ask questions and know more about things in depth. It wasn't enough for me to know just how to apply eyeshadow or blush, I wanted to know why I should apply it, where I should apply it, how much to apply and what colour to apply... I wanted to make sure I knew if someone needed primer and why, what foundations were suitable for each person and what makeup is best for photography!

Why did I choose Donna Mee to train with?

I had looked at numerous Makeup Courses in Tauranga and around New Zealand but was unable to find any that "stood out" and most were a minimum of 6 months full time, which is near impossible and unaffordable for a full time mummy! I had already been to a couple of short demo's including one with Auckland Makeup Artist - Debbie Dalgado but felt I needed to know more. After doing some research and talking to a fellow Makeup Artist in Rotorua - Ceitha from Final Touch Makeup Artistry, who has also trained with Donna Mee, referred me to her as she was offering a 6 week condensed bootcamp in Cancun, Mexico... so off I went, with hubby, son & mother in law in tow!

Who is Donna Mee?

Donna Mee has 33 years experience as a Makeup Artist and educator and is considered number one in artist in corrective beauty and one of the top beauty educators in the world! Donna has run an elite Makeup Academy in Los Angeles since 1997 with the highest rate of successful graduates than any other makeup school in the US. She has worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brendan Frazier, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Tilly, Kevin Costner, Mandy Moore, Prince, Queen Latifah and Rachel Hunter just to name a few. The main selling point for me was her knowledge, she has developed her own advanced techniques and application methods and really knows the "science" behind makeup and why we wear it!

What happened in Mexico?

What goes on tour, stays on tour! Just kidding! Mexico was an intense 6 weeks of long days in class alot of information, learning, theory, drawing/colouring, painting and practicing... oh and some delicous food and amazing sight seeing... not to mention a group of awesome talented class mates and teacher! I'll go more into the what we learnt in my next blog post - Training Part Two, so stay tuned!

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