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Training - Part Two

So what did I learn in six weeks in Cancun, Mexico with a bunch of talented Makeup Artists and a beauty expert educator, Donna Mee??? Im not sure where to start!

What topics where covered?

We covered soooo much in each topic that i'll just touch on each one now and in future blogs go more into detail...

  • Skincare - Such a huge topic as everyone has such different skin, skin issues or complaints, complexions etc. however I learnt that you may not need all the so-called best and latest products and you may be able to find them at the supermarket! Its all about finding the products with the right ingredients that are going to help your skin rather than damage it.

  • Concealing and colour correction - I got to hear Donna Mees' secrets for concealing under eye areas, redness, blemishes, hyper-pigmentation and veins, what to conceal first and last and how to use colour correction to get the best results and what texture is best for different areas of the face.

  • Foundation selection and application - Wow, so much goes into this one... determining skin type and condition, undertones/surface tones and from these, what colour foundation is best suited to each and every client.

  • Colour theory, Colour Analysis and Colour Symbolism - Its the science behind makeup and why/what we do...

  • Eyebrows - Using a painfree tweezing technique I am now able to shape brows correctly to ensure accuracy, symmetry and fullness!

  • Advanced Eye Makeup - This one was also a big topic! I learnt everything from where, what, when, how and why to put eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, false lashes and any other eye makeup!

  • Blush - Just like every other makeup application it all comes down to Formula, Finish, Colour and Coverage!

  • Corrective lips - Symmetry, measurement and a 7 stroke lip application!!!

  • Contour and Highlighting - The truth about contouring and highlighting! This was an eye-opening class and made me realise how 'over the top' contouring and highlighting can be made. There is no need to be scared of it!

What made it different to any other makeup course?

It wasn't just your regular - put this here & that there... I got to learn the actual science and reasoning behind it. Why put eyeshadow or eyeliner there and for who? Why use these products and not these etc.?

Can't wait to share my knowledge with you all! Remember if you would like a one on one consultation or group consult - Contact me here...

Also, if you want regular tips and tricks keep checking my blog and sign up for my newsletter as i'll have them in every issue!

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