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Brows, Brows, Brows!

All you need to know about BROWS!

Eyebrows are an extremely important part of your face, the shape, placement and existance of eyebrows can make or break how you look. First of all, stay away from eyebrow fads... they don't suit everyone! We all have different sized and shaped faces so our brows should all be different as well to ensure symmetry and overall look....

I do recommend that everyone consults a (trained) professional before attempting to do your own brows as it will give you a guideline and starting point that you can then maintain. They may also be able to advise on powder and pencil colour.

Brow Facts:

  • They stop perspiration from going into your eyes

  • Most brows have between approximately 250 to 1100 hairs

  • A brows life cycle is about 4 months

  • Eyebrows exaggerate the emotion on your face

Top Brow Shaping Tips:

  • Do not cut your brows, it makes them look harsh

  • The closer you have your brows together, the bigger your nose will look

  • Do not shape from the top - you will lower your brows, giving you a more of a frown

  • Brows should never be lower at the end than the start, this gives a tired look

  • Your arch should never be at the start or middle of your brow

  • Hold the skin taught when removing hair

Top Brow Drawing Tips:

  • Apply eyebrow powder backwards

  • Use specific eyebrow powders - not eyeshadows

  • Set your makeup with powder before doing brows

  • Use eyebrow pencil to add to tail

  • Use wet strokes to darken any bald/light spots

  • Do not use Black

Brow hair removal options:

Waxing -

Pros: Quick and inexpensive

Cons: Creates loss of elasticity of the eye area, Unsightly growth required before it can be done again, Can burn skin if hot wax is used

Threading -

Pros: Quick and inexpensive

Cons: Uncomfortable / Painful

Tweezing -

Pros: Easy to do yourself, Can be done as often as desired with small amount of growth, One time cost of tweezers

Trimming/shaving/cutting -

Pros: Quick fix

Cons: Coarse, harsh, can cause hair to eventually curl

Brow Drawing/colouring options:

Tattooing -

Pros: Can last up to 2 years, No need to draw on everyday

Cons: If its not done right you cant just wipe it off, Can be painful, Upkeep required as pigment fades, Expensive.

Eyebrow Extensions -

Pros: Can last up to 3 weeks, More realistic look Cons: Requires upkeep as they fall off, Expensive to upkeep

Brow Powder/Pencil - Pros: Can be taken off if applied incorrectly, Inexpensive Cons: Upkeep required everyday

If you would like to know more and would like to ensure your brows are "on point", contact me or book online for your own Brow consultation and shape!

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