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My Everyday Makeup Routine

We all have those products we use day in day out, our absolute faves... yes I have mine too! I do probably tend to mix it up alot more than others as i'm always trialling new products but in general I have a pretty set routine that i'd like to share with you...

What is my skincare routine?

Its pretty basic really - I cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday! I also exfoliate once a week. Im not overly fussy on the products as I dont really have problematic skin, although I do like to use products that are alcohol free as this tends to dry out the skin.

What are my makeup go to's?

Primer - I'm currently loving NYX Studio Perfect Primer - its so silky smooth and nicely fills in my fine lines!

Concealer - I actually use Make Up For Ever Full Cover as my concealer, I find it not as thick as alot of stick concealers so it can be applied very sheer just to even out my skin tones and light blemishes like broken cappilliaries. Plus I am easily able to add any colour correctors to it if im feeling extra flushed, have acne or really dark circles! (Joys of pregancy and a toddler).

Foundation - I switch between Make Up For Ever Ultra HD and Face and Body depending on what I have on that day... Ultra HD is more of a medium coverage with a matte finish whereas Face and Body is sheer cover with a flawless/skin look.

Setting Powder - Ben Nye Luxury Powder, its a nice fine silky powder so it doesn't sit or gather in the lines on my face or dry out my skin - bonus!

Bronzer - Funnily enough Im still using a Clinique bronzer my mum gave me a few years back! Its got a slight shimmer to it but not too much and I like the suttle brown shade which seems to go with my skin colour. Others I have found are either too orangey or dark.

Brow pencil - Well sort of a pencil but more of a retractable ... with a spoolie on the end to brush through... I like to only put a little bit on my tails (ends) as unfortunately they are starting to thin out - dammit!

Mascara - This is the only eye makeup I wear unless I have something special on that day! Im using Stila Major Lash Mascara at the moment and love it! A great tip to stop clumpys is to brush down first then jiggle the brush up your lash from underneath... hope that makes sense!

Lippy - I prefer a lip gloss or lippy thats quite neutral for everyday wear, im pretty conservative when it comes to lipsticks and glosses! If im going out for an special event then I may wear something a bit more daring, otherwise i'll generally stick to my nudes! Ive also tried a few lip stains, however find them quite drying so avoid them now.

So yeah thats it, pretty basic has to be with a busy lifestyle most of us ladies tend to live!

I did notice a trend while writing this - I dont like things that dry out my skin!

If you'd like more details or help with a routine of your own, please contact me... I am also able to provide Professional Makeup products at a reasonable price if required, just book online for a consultation.

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