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Spray Tanning FAQ

I dont just do Makeup.. I offer spray tans too!

As a Makeup Artist in Tauranga, I had a lot of brides asking where they could get a spray tan done prior to thier wedding... this made me aware of an extra service I could offer brides in Tauranga so they didnt have to search around and could get everything done in one place!

Why get a Spray Tan?

Dark clothes always make you look slimmer - same goes for darker skin!!!

A spray tan can also help with unsightly tan lines from uneven sun exposure... of which should be avoided due to the harsh New Zealand sun rays.

What Spray Tan product do you use?

I use Eco Tan which is 100% organic in a honey colour which is derived from Cacao, red grapes and aloe vera, has no synthetic ingredients or GMO's so the tan will never come out orange!

I chose an organic tanning solution as I have seen first hand people reacting to spray tans in the days before a wedding and that is the absolute last thing I would want to happen to a brides, or anyone really... So my advice before getting a spray tan for an event would be to try it out first at an earlier date!

How to prepare for a Spray Tan?

  • Exfoliate your face and body the day before your appointment for the best results. This gives your skin a chance to relax and replenish, ready for your spray tan the next day.

  • If you shower directly before your spray tan appointment, keep it light, us a mild soap and do not scrub!

  • Remember not to apply moisturiser, perfume, deodorant or makeup on the day of your spray tan

  • We recommend not to wax or shave on the day of your appointment.

  • Remove all jewellery at your spray tan appointment

  • Wear loose clothing - preferably not white to your spray tan appointment

What will happen during the Spray Tan?

A disposable hair net is supplied along with a choice of disposable bra, underwear or g-string depending on your comfort level. Once you have these on the spraytan will be applied based on the darkness you have requested... this may require one, two or three applications to get desired tone. There are a few positions that may be required - ie. boob lift and a slight bend over. You will then get an all over blow dry and a wipe for your your palms and soles if required.

Please feel free to give any feedback or suggestions on how I can make this experience more comfortable!

How do I care for a Spray Tan?

  • Take care to avoid water on the skin while your spray tan is developing. Water will dilute your spray tan instantly!

  • Dont be shy with moisturising... this will increase the life of your spray tan.

  • Wait at least 4-6 hours for your spray tan to develop... I recommend 8 hoursfor the best looking spray tan.

  • Keep in mind, chlorine and excessive heat such and saunas and steam rooms can lighten your spray tan faster than usual.

I also sell Eco Tan aftercare products to help prolong your tan! Enquire here to pre-order or see whats in stock.

Book Online now for a gorgeous 100% organic Eco Tan Spray Tan!!!

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